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Nov 22, 2013 The Most Destructive Malware of All Time | OPSWAT The MyDoom worm, known as one of the fastest spreading pieces of malware in history, passed both the ILOVEYOU bug and SoBig worm in speed. It was transmitted via email and usually contained a variety of subject lines including, "Error", "Mail Delivery System", "Test" or "Mail Transaction Failed". Adware Launches In-Browser Mining Sites Pretending to be May 16, 2018 Quick Check for Known Malware Download | ZDNet

MW - Malware sites. This list contains data from multiple sources that cover sites hosting malware. This includes OITC,, The DNS blackhole malicious site data from and others. Some cracked hosts are also included in MW since many cracked sites also have malware.

Google Online Security Blog: Top 10 Malware Sites

malware - Are there faux/fake malicious websites to test

DNS-BH – Malware Domain Blocklist by RiskAnalytics Thank you for your support and for using Malware Domains. False Positive Removed – Posted on March 21st, 2018 in Removed Domains by ashinn On March 20th, a well-known anti-phishing partner listed a URL which was legitimately a part of Cisco. We have removed the listing from our database as of 2018/03/21 and have notified Free Malware Sample Sources for Researchers Jul 12, 2020