Is Torrenting Illegal in Australia? (Piracy Law Explained

35 Startling Internet Piracy Statistics - May 24, 2017 Youth increasingly apathetic towards internet piracy Australian youth are becoming increasingly apathetic about internet piracy, a discussion forum held by the Australian Communications and Media Authority has revealed.. At the ACMA Young Citizens Piracy it's a crime - YouTube Dec 04, 2007 Internet Piracy - SIIA

Why the drop in illegal movie downloads in Australia?

The level of piracy amongst 12-17 year olds is at 26 percent while the number of Australians aged 12-13 who stream or download from pirate sites reached 23 percent in 2016. Coinciding with the Federal Court judgments on Friday, Creative Content Australia launched its largest ever initiative to combat internet piracy. Online piracy on the wane in Australia - Technology Decisions

What’s the issue with Piracy in Australia? | the iiNet Blog

Price of Piracy Source: Creative Content Australia Research 2019 Piracy Survey In many cases, increasingly sophisticated organised crime groups are behind the counterfeiting and piracy activities… Many of these organised crime groups are also involved in other criminal activities, including, in a limited number of cases, terrorism. r/australia - It is absurdly hard and convoluted to try