Enabling both UPnP and NAT-PMP makes it easier for people to use μTorrent by eliminating the need for manual router configuration. UPnP was introduced in 2008, and NAT-PMP was introduced in 2005, but before then there was no easy way for a program to ask the router to open up a port for it to use automatically and without direct user involvement.

Client IP to Country Protocol Obfuscation Handles files >4GB Chat Buddy list Send FILERATING tags to servers EndGame AICH L2HAC Secure User ID Global Searches UPnP port mapping Intelligent Chunk Selection Lancast HideOS / SotN aMule: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes: No No No eMule: Official No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes The Complete Guide To HiFi UPnP / DLNA Network Audio - CA May 10, 2013 UPNP (client) not working in Kodi v18.x · Issue #16335

Distributed media browser (mediaBridge) v.1.0 defines two deliverables for making it easier to access upnp servers mainly from non-windows clients.(works on win too)the first application is a upnp to html bridge the second application is a client to access upnp content and play via a mplayer applet.

How to Access Media from UPnP or DLNA using VLC Maybe VLC UPnP works on Windows, but I don’t use Windows and if I did I’d use the free UPnP client that Microsoft provides. My TV has a DLNA client so I know the server works. The problems with Mac and Linux VLC UPnP are not new, it’s been years since I’ve seen it work, and I …

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Apple Mac OSX - mDNSResponder UPnP Location Overflow (Metasploit). CVE-2007-2386CVE-35142 . remote exploit for OSX platform