Step 7. (Optional) Configure conditional access for VPN connectivity using Azure AD: In this step, you can fine-tune how authorized VPN users access your resources using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) conditional access. With Azure AD conditional access for virtual private network (VPN) connectivity, you can help protect the VPN connections.

[SOLVED] Adding VPN with PowerShell - Spiceworks Mar 13, 2018 How to Fix failed to start ProtonVPN service/access is Apr 16, 2020 I can't access all shared folders on VPN - Windows Server Nov 10, 2015 Access Gateway Plugin - VPN Issue - Advanced Access

Re: vpn causes an "access denied" result when trying to access some web sites Posted: 09-Jul-2019 | 10:04AM • Permalink It turns out that the problem IS in settings for the vpn, the "location" section one enters.

To resolve this simply make sure the exactly correct spelling of the user name is present in the User Permissions table and doesn’t have the deny access checkbox set on it, or, to simply disable the restriction by unchecking the require user permissions record for VPN access option in the User Permissions table.

Solutions to ProtonVPN Connectivity Issues on Windows

"Access was denied by the access policy. This may be due to a failure to meet access policy requirements. If you are an administrator, please go to Access Policy >> Reports : All Sessions page and look up the session reference number displayed above." This is extremely frustrating any help would be greatly appreciated. Access Denied You don't have permission to access Dec 22, 2019