Steganos Safe not only encrypts your data, but also inconspicuously hides it in a picture, piece of music or a video if desired; Portable safe: archive sensitive data on an USB stick, CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc. USB stick as safe key: once ejected, the virtual vault closes and the sensitive data is protected;

Improved Steganos Portable Safe: Archive sensitive data on a USB stick, DVD or Blu-ray disc Print password lists to keep a copy with a notary or in a safe-deposit box Supports smartphones: Always have your login data with you - encrypted of course. Log in to an existing account. Email. Password USB stick as safe key: once ejected, the virtual vault closes and the sensitive data is protected PicPass (picture passwords), Steganos Shredder (permanently destroys files) Create and manage strong passwords Convenient and secure, on PC and Smartphone - Portable Safe is similar to 'Data Safe', but focussed on portable devices. Very useful to protect any CD, DVD or USB stick. - E-mail Encryptation allows you to encrypt e-mails. With this system, the receiver of the e-mail will need the password to read it. Steganos Portable Safe Sie können einen portablen Safe auf CD oder DVD bzw. auf einem USB-Datenträger (z.B. USB-Stick, USB-Festplatte oder ZIP-Laufwerk Click on "Settings" in the menu bar and then on the button "Portable Password Manager". Select the location where you want to create the Portable Password Manager. Usually that will be a USB thumb drive. Now select the keychain you want to copy frothe dropdown menu and then click on "Create". Mar 11, 2020 · Steganos Portable Safe makes mobile data safe on the go. Turns USB sticks, mobile phones, iPods, CDs, and DVDs into handy data safes that can be accessed on other systems — without extra software! 100% data delete with Steganos Shredder. Performs permanent and unrecoverable data delete operations with Steganos Shredder™.

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Operating system Windows XP 32-bit / Vista 32-bit / NT 4.0 / 2003 32-bit / 2000; License: Freeware (free) Developer: Steganos GmbH Steganos Safe 17.1.1 Revision 11605 [Latest] - Karan PC Mar 20, 2016 A closer look at Steganos Safe - Help Net Security

You can turn your USB stick and even your iPod into a Portable Safe which can be opened on any computer*. Remembering passwords is unnecessary: Open your Safe with an iPod®, USB stick ­or by clicking on a sequence of pictures. Your laptop got lost or stolen? With Steganos AntiTheft your chances of getting it back are substantially increased.

You can simply copy the locked file to a USB stick, iPod or other portable device (or send it by email) and unlock it on any PC. The idea behind LockNote is not to provide a full featured data storage, but a simple, secure and portable way to store any kind of text information. Steganos Safe Crack is a powerful and skilled software for safeguarding your confidential and personal data. It is a standalone module of the Steganos Security Pack designed for users who care regarding the powerful encryption of their info on laptops and PCs. powerful encryption - steganos safe uses optimum 384-bit aes-xex encryption to protect sensitive data in real-time against hackers and thieves new! supports data encryption in dropbox, microsoft onedrive and google drive new! double the safe size: 2tb (2,048 gb) new! easily configure safes in your home network Apr 23, 2020 · USB stick as safe key: once ejected, the virtual vault closes and sensitive data is protected; Safes are now simple to move and delete; System Requirements for Steganos Safe: Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10; Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required. Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free space required. Processor: Intel Pentium 4 processor or Apr 27, 2020 · Steganos safe not best encrypts your facts, but also inconspicuously hides it in a photo, piece of music or a video if desired; USB stick as secure key: as soon as ejected, the virtual vault closes and the touchy information is included picpass (photograph passwords), steganos shredder (completely destroys documents) Selbstverständlich können Sie das Passwort auch weiterhin manuell eingeben, wenn z.B. der USB-Stick nicht zur Verfügung steht. Beachten Sie bitte folgendes beim Umgang mit Steganos Safe: Bevor Sie einen Safe schließen, beenden Sie den Zugriff auf alle Dateien.