5. Now you will see the all of the history items and a red mark on the left side of all of the individual items. 6. Tap the red mark and then click delete. The selected individual history item will be deleted. You can also delete all of the history at once. For this you just have to "click on "remove all website data" in the lower side of the page.

In this step, press Clear Browsing Data to clear your history. Next select: Browsing history; Cookies, Site Data; Cached Images and Files; Saved passwords; Autofill Data; to delete all of your browsing data. To start removing all data choose Clear Browsing Data, next tap again to confirm an operation. Great work, Chrome application history is Can’t clear the browsing history in Safari on your iPhone Mar 08, 2020 How to clear Safari search history on an iPhone - Business How to clear an hour, day, or two days of history from an iPhone If you want to remove a larger chunk of your iPhone's online history, again first open the Safari app. 1.

How to delete search history on new YouTube iPhone app? Got the new iOS 6 update for my iPhone. The YouTube icon is no longer default, so you have to get the one from the App Store, which is quite different from the old one. Whenever you click on the search icon it comes up with a list of your entire search history.

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How to Delete History on iPhone - WindowsClassroom

It has a compatibility with iPhone 5s/5c/5/4s/4, all iPad and iPod touch 5/4. If you are interested in it, the trial version of iPhone Data Eraser is provided for you. You can refer to the instructions underneath and experience it by yourself. Guides: Clear iPhone History Permanently How to Delete History on iPhone - WindowsClassroom