May 12, 2018

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Mar 30, 2012

Fix cannot connect to wired Internet problem in Ubuntu or The wired internet connection by default is configured properly in Ubuntu installation. We can directly dial-up via sudo pppoeconf, or connect to a cable which already on internet.But sometimes wired connection stop working because of kernel upgraded, installed a special program, or even something to do with wireless. Fixing Dual Booting Windows 10 with Ubuntu 19.04: Grub not This post shows you how you can fix Grub not showing and machine booting straight to Windows when dual booting Windows 10 with Ubuntu 19.04. I have recently installed Windows 10 and Ubuntu 19.04 on the same machine for dual booting. I installed Windows 10 first as recommended and then installed Ubuntu …

Jul 13, 2019

DNS stops resolving on Ubuntu 18.04 | Linode Questions I'm having issues with DNS lookups on my new install running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. It uses the Linode "Auto-configure Networking" and I haven't made any changes to network config files. The problem: emails weren't being sent because lookups don't resolve. Nvidia drivers not working : Ubuntu Do not enter your password. Instead, click on the little gear symbol next to the login box. That will open a dialog where you chose the display manager. Make sure you select Ubuntu on Xorg (or something like that). DO NOT choose Ubuntu on Wayland because the Nvidia drivers do not yet support the Wayland display manager. Cannot establish RDP connection to Ubuntu VM made with