Create a UK Roku account. 5 Reset your Roku. From the Roku home screen, select settings > factory reset, and follow the on-screen instructions. 6 Reconnect the Roku to the network. 7 Start the Roku and connect it to your new account. 8 You will now be able to get UK channels on your Roku. How to get US Channels on Your Roku 1

How to Create a US Roku Account When Outside the Country Jan 13, 2019 Traveling with a Roku: Everything you need to know Feb 26, 2018

Aug 31, 2018 · Roku is one of the best streaming devices available. Unfortunately, you can only add channels like HBO GO, Hulu, and Netflix if you are using a US Roku account. If you live outside the US but still

Sep 25, 2013 · Unfortunately, Roku Box does not work outside the US. However, we have a trick to use Roku Box outside the US When you try access an online streaming service from your Roku Box player, the service usually detect your locati… see more

Mar 28, 2020

Note: Residents of the European Union, while traveling within the European Union, have access to the same titles that are available when streaming from their country of residence. The Movies and TV Shows categories in the Fire TV menu change automatically to include Watch While Abroad rows. These rows show all titles included with Prime that are available to watch while traveling abroad How to Get US Channels on Roku Box if you are outside of Apr 21, 2014 What is Roku? How does Roku Work? | Grounded Reason May 18, 2020 Will roku work outside of US? (No netflicks etc.. required The Roku itself works just fine internationally. Youtube will work, although there may be regional restrictions on some content.