We will go to use a VPN, proxy sites, and Tor Network for open blocked sites in India. The government banned a 1000s of websites last year, including some adult websites, proxy websites, porn websites, illegal video streaming sites, torrent sites after the court order, and that’s why porn sites blocked in India.

A blog about guide for updating android devices and coustomzing Method 2: Access Blocked Sites with VPN – Hola Free VPN. Formerly Hola Unblocker, this VPN app not only unblocks blocked websites for Android devices, it also compresses data being sent over the internet. This compression greatly improves your browsing speed. The best part is, for Hola to work you don’t need to create any kind of account Jan 05, 2015 · Various software with Internet filtering tools have become available in recent years, allowing even the technically impaired to block or censor websites that can open blocked sites on Android. The most common intended motivation behind filtering of Internet is to either prevent abuse of Internet freedom in workplaces and schools, or to restrict Mar 29, 2019 · If the site is blocked as a result of government restriction, you will be safe from the authorities. In fact, NordVPN is not concerned about the type of sites you wish to access. The focus here is on bypassing all the nature of restrictions. NordVPN is the best choice you can make on how to open blocked sites on Android among all the VPNs. It

Do you want to know How to Open Blocked Sites on Android Phones? You can choose any of the three options given below.

Apr 27, 2018 · The simplest way to open and access blocked websites on Android Smartphones is using the best free VPN app like Turbo VP. The internet is the place where we can search for our problem solutions and information to get the benefits of technology to dilute human ignorance. You can search “Open Blocked Sites” on Google and you will find lots of link that will help you to open the blocked sites. Like in above image. If you still have any problem then tell me.

How to Unblock Blocked Sites in Android Phone

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